Anita Wigl'it's

Super Drag Quiz

Hosted by the funky and fabulous

Anita Wigl'it

Ru Pauls drag race down under

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7pm Saturday (NZT)
18th September 2021
All Online

Your fabulous host
Anita Wigl'it
+ a Special guest!

Registration closed at 6:30pm sharp

Entirely online, from the comfort of your sofa

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*One entry per team/household please

Turn your lockdown upside down with the most hilarious lockdown activity since 'spread your legs'!

Join Anita Wigl'it (comedy star of 'RuPaul's Drag Race Downunder') in an online pub quiz!

Test your general knowledge, watch a dazzling drag show and win some sweet prizes all from your sofa.

The quiz format

The format is 6 rounds, 10 questions per round.

Rounds are your normal quiz topics, with a few fun ones (geography, current events, sports etc.)

You'll have either 20, 30 or 60 seconds to answer the question depending on the difficulty.

Each question is worth 1000 points, you are only awarded points for correct answers and also, spelling is important.

The final question of every round is a tiebreaker, meaning the faster you answer it (correctly) the more points that are awarded.

A leaderboard will be displayed at the end of each round. You will have a time for a break after 3 rounds. The quiz itself should last around 90 minutes total.

Cheating will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to cancel any prizes if we suspect cheating.

How it works

30 minutes before the quiz start time you will receive a Zoom link to join us, and a link to our quiz software with a pin number in order to join us.

📺 You'll use one device (ideally TV or Laptop/PC) to stream the quiz via Zoom.

📱 You'll use another device (ideally phone/tablet) to input your answers on via our quiz software (Mentimeter).

One person from your team will use their computer or phone browser for Mentimeter and type in the code we send you to join the quiz and set up your team.

Have questions?

Frequently asked questions

Can I enter with multiple households/bubbles on the same team/entry?
We don't recommend you do this for a few reasons. It's not going to be the best user experience for you all, as you can commonly experience technical difficulties with many connections at once (between your friends, and with us and the quiz software) and its not fair on everybody else who are entering on a per household level.

For any other questions, just

Make sure you don't miss out on updated about our next quiz

Sorry, but the quiz for this week is now closed

We've closed off the quiz so that we can send the link across to those that have entered.

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Make sure you don't miss out on updated about our next quiz